The Solution

In China, whole communities pop up overnight...

Some of these developments are of epic proportions because the raw material is a very strong structure in its own right. this is a proven development opportunity and I intend to create similar small developments (up to 40 units) wherever I can acquire the land to do so.

It is my intention to acquire as many 40 foot shipping containers as are required for a particular development.. they will then be prepared for fitting out ensuring they are entirely water tight, structurally sound and fit for purpose and then insulated. There are countless designs readily available of which I own several, the internal layout will depend very much upon the setting out of the site, staircase and walkway layouts and oversite issues. in short, there are many available designs and styles which would suit any application.

The project plan is unique in the respect that there is virtually no on site works to programme until the units are actually positioned. they are then connected to the mains power and water, instantly habitable.

All flats will achieve an A rated EPC and a fully electric combination boiler and heating system with radiated heat in every room. Each will have a fully fitted kitchen and bathroom and ample space for a four person family. the finishes will be of a sufficiently robust standard that they will be able to exceed the fire regulation requirements. This effectively future proofs the flats well into the next decade.

Of course, there is a requirement for other size properties initially; there are plans for the next development to have a range of sizes from studio to 4 bedroom which will all follow the Homes in a Hurry letting blue print.

The aim is to ease the burden on the social housing lists at an affordable price that anyone can afford.