The Problem...

Hammersmith and Fulham (at the time of building this website) have almost 2000 families that are living in temporary accomodation...

Of these families. almost 800 of them are from the local area but have been forced to live elsewhere abandoning their roots. The rest of these families are in bed and breakfast accommodation, short term, sub standard properties and various other places you would not wish your children to be living.

Local Authorities are not building houses or flats to any great extent any more; certainly nowhere near enough properties to even make any kind of impact on the crisis. The private lettings industry has neither the interest or the wish to address this problem; Indeed, landlords want to get as much as they possibly can for their properties. there is no part of the private lettings sector that is aimed directly at low cost housing.

In summary, there is no answer to this problem until now.

I intend to provide low cost, low impact housing for families in our community: -

  • Rents will be means tested and only those that genuinely need low cost housing will become tenants.

  • All tenants will be screened and selected from the Local Authority waiting lists.

  • All tenants will be contracted as part of their tenancy agreement for the care of the development thereby creating a mini tenants association for each new development.